Last Day to Register: CF Strongman Seminar

**No Skills and Drills Saturday** Tomorrow, Saturday August 1st, we’re fortunate to play host to the CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course at DEUCE Gym. You need not be a coach or a trainer for the seminar and it’s as hands on as you’ll see in the specialty course seminar list. Rob Orlando and I will lead

ONLINE STORE: End Quad Dominance Tees

We’re excited to announce new tees for both men and women. The satire benefit tees are for a great “cause” that affects people all over the world.  Did you know millions of Americans have underdeveloped and even dysfunctional posterior chains? These quad dominant stricken folks need your help! There’s sizes for all shapes of athletes

Can’t See the Light at the End? Good!

If I were to toot our own horn a bit, I’d say DEUCE Gym does a great job at disarming seemingly audacious training. Barbells can be scary. Working out with chains? For most people, that seems insane. Yet, somehow, we’re able to show and tell our students that this is for everyone. Part of this

Put on Your Coaching Glasses

One significant stage in human development is recognizing that others can, and often do, have different perspectives. This realization usually (/hopefully) comes at a young age, when we realize that our world is being shared with other people who have their own version of the tale. In addition to this stage in development is another

Context is Everything; Dessert Included

Nothing makes sense without context. It’s been said that knowledge with context is true wisdom, while knowledge without it is just information. What if I told you that a piece of dessert is just as fruitless nutritionally for everyone and anyone who eats it? What if I told you that consuming a piece of dessert,