6/19/15 - The Ultimate CrossFit Compliment

Back in my baseball days, there was a term that was the ultimate compliment. For that sport, being called a “gamer” is the pinnacle. It doesn’t mean you’re the best player or most talented but when it comes down to it, you know how to put out and win. It meant you were hard nosed and, believe me, every team wants a “gamer.”

Similarly, the CrossFit world has a compliment that arguably transcends all. Especially as a coach, I’d tell you that being called a “good mover” stands head and shoulders above being called “strong,” “ultra fit,” or even having a great “engine.”

The funny thing about being called both a “gamer” and a “good mover” is that they’re both attributes that are largely in one’s control. They are characteristics based on pride and craftsmanship. So, the good news is you can choose to be a good mover.

As coaches, we are obsessed with movement. When discussing movement in a class, do you think you would be classified as a good mover? Why or why not?



Logan Gelbrich


6/19/15 WOD

Find 1 RM Deadlift


3x 8 Dimmels

3x 25 Reverse Hypers

1x 100 Band Good Mornings