6/17/15 - Direction > Status

Luckily, it’s human nature to recognize and understand direction. When it comes down to it, I think most people aren’t particularly moved by current status. In the contrary, we take note when folks are falling from greatness just as we note when men and women are on their own “rags to riches” story of improvement.

This mechanism to appreciate direction is convenient because direction is relative. Not everyone has hundreds of millions of dollars of net worth or a five hundred pound back squat, but everyone can have a cash flow positive fiscal quarter and everyone can set a new personal record in the squat rack.

This realization stamps us all as participants in an egalitarian game of life. 

No one cares who you are (at least not for long). Deep down we all care about who we’re going to become. We’re paying attention to direction. One hundred percent of humans have a distaste for underachievement in others, whether it’s the star running back wrapping his Ferrari around a tree under the influence or it’s you’re unhealthy uncle having another bypass surgery. In addition, I think we all can recognize someone on the up and up, whether it’s an NBA star scoring a season high point total or a seemingly chronically overweight man tackling his second week of exercise. We give kudos to both, and rightfully so.

What direction are you moving in?


Logan Gelbrich



PS – This is good news and bad news, because though it’s an egalitarian pursuit. The responsibility to become something better never, ever, ever ends.

6/17/15 WOD

Complete the following for time:

2K Row


Then, find Heavy Double Push Press