Your Skills Don’t Need You to Try Harder

Rarely is the problem that you’re not trying hard enough. Surely, that barbell you’re trying to lift is getting your best “try.” You see skill isn’t about trying hard. That’s easy. Skill takes attention. You’ve got to learn something to acquire skill. Furthermore, when failure is an issue in the gym it’s rarely because there

Take that Day!

What are the movements you don’t enjoy? Are there any that you would be happy if they stayed off the whiteboard for, well, forever? I am just not a fan of Turkish Getups and Rope Climbs. I am perfectly capable of doing both, I just don’t enjoy them. I recognize the benefit of both, and believe


I have a whole new appreciation for the seasons since moving to California five years ago. I grew up as a kid in the Midwest and typical to most kids loved summer and despised winter. I definitely still loved the crisp air of spring, with the blooming of flowers and the occasional rain shower. I

Can’t Afford DEUCE? You’re in Luck!

I want everyone to be great. It’s corny and unrealistic, but that’s what I want. I want people to make it happen for themselves. I’ve learned, however, that there’s no use in wanting something for someone else more than they want it themselves. As a coach, I almost asked to validate others excuses for a living.

Choose to Chill

I once had a PE teacher that notoriously said, “Good enough to… Good enough not to,” in reference to kicking the ball too hard, running too fast, throwing too hard, or what I’d like to call “winning.” She was looking out for the less athletic kids, I guess. I never thought I’d say this, but