Welcome: Power Supply Meals

As many of you experienced in this last Whole Life Challenge, nutrition is everything. Ninety percent of the the things people come to the gym to get either happen or don’t happen based on what their eating. Furthermore, we know that eating for performance is stereotypically challenging. Food is often hard to find, takes planning,

Your Surroundings: For Better or Worse

“We’re you here earlier? said the Chik-fil-A clerk. The truth was that I, in fact, was there earlier today. I didn’t think it was really her business to bring it up, but there I was being called out for stopping in to the local fast food chain for the second time that day. You see,

DEUCE Gym: Mislabeled

Let me be the first to tell you. We’ve been mislabeled. DEUCE is a strength and conditioning gym. It’s a CrossFit gym. It’s a weightlifters gym, a strongman gym, and a gym for powerlifters. Yet, even though these are the activities that you may do when you get here, it’s not why you’re coming here.

Front and Center Flaws

We’re lucky to play host to the worldwide phenomenon that is the WODcast Podcast. A leading podcast that takes a fun look at CrossFit and the greater functional fitness community. In yesterday’s episode featuring DEUCE Gym’s, Sal Masekela, the topic of community came up. CrossFit is notoriously enjoyed by its participants because of the impact

The One Thing Goal Setters Forget

We got the memo. Set goals, right? Even more advanced approaches have encouraged us to set “big hairy audacious goals” (SEE: Built to Last) and to set small actionable goals to focus on (SEE: Make Sh*t Happen). These things are all great, but the one thing I see folks most often miss when trying to