“When two or more are gathered..”

**DEUCE Garage is CLOSED after the Noon class today until Monday Dec. 1st** My coach in college used to (unknowingly) make a Biblical reference when he’d say, “You know.. when two or more are gathered..” at the sign of any opportunity for something magical. Religious allegiances aside, I always loved when he said this. Sharing

Deciding on Fitness

In many cases, a black or white perspective can be harmful. Thinking in terms of “all or nothing” often leaves behind key grey areas, especially for complex issues. Your health, however, can benefit from a little tough love every now and then. It’s black and white. Either you’re improving or you’ve got reasons why you

Your World is Emulating You

You hear versions of the same idea often: “We don’t know how much we impact others.” Your words, actions, and energy are projected out more often, further, and faster than ever, especially with the prevalence of communication via social media. Just last week we had the pleasant surprise of seeing an article about our “Hold

Strength & Conditioning Wish List

With the holidays approaching, I figured we’d put together a little wish list for all you athletes. You see, I wanted to compile a few “gifts” that, if you had them, you’d be able to do anything you wanted in 2015 with your fitness. Here’s our top three gifts for the holiday season:  Mature Squat

Agility Developed Here

Yesterday we trained six efforts with a cone agility drill. The output was twenty seconds long of voice command change of direction and fast feet. For even the most seasoned CrossFitter visiting, seeing this in a training session could seem special or odd. Often our variance in training includes sprints, short shuttle runs, change of