The Carrot

I was talking with a student the other day that was coming across a common experience in GPP training. It’s that moment after all the early success is behind you. It’s often after you experience that mind shift from “I want hard workouts” to learning to want and care about things you didn’t know you wanted

Waking Up with DEUCE Gym

I haven’t necessarily received an “A for effort” in the leisure category lately. Though I don’t want any sympathy here, the point I’m trying to make is I’ve been feeling a bit beat down as of late. As they say, “All work and no play…,” right? Yesterday morning, I woke up as if my night

Two Birds, One Stone

Let me ask you a question. What does someone that can run a twenty minute 5K look like? Better yet, what does someone with a twenty minute 5K and a double body weight back squat look like? Scratch that. What does someone with a twenty minute 5K, a double double weight back squat, and a

Is This a Blip on Your Radar Screen?

A few weeks back I posted an intriguing question to Facebook, mostly to spark some thinking. It worked. The question was: “Is eating well and exercising for two years only to stop and return to a sedentary life better than not doing it at all?“ As you can imagine, the question sparked quite an interesting

Fitness Evil & Diffusing Responsibility

Training with intensity can ruffle feathers. Barbells, though legal, are often positioned as paraphernalia. Key terms like “CrossFit” and “high rep Olympic lifts” continue to trend as problematic sources of “fitness evil.” There’s a long list of people that can’t wait to say “I told you so” if something happens to someone training strength and