Earning True Strength

The strongest person I’ve ever met, Rob Orlando, said simply, “Real strength takes a lifetime.” I mean, that’s the nature of the beast. Conditioning comes and goes. In a few weeks or months, one can condition themselves into their best cardiovascular fitness. Just as quickly as it comes, however, it goes. Two weeks without training

Nitrates and Nitrites to Devalue Bacon No More?

Bacon is incredible. I could stop there, but I better make this post FFOTB.com worthy. Not only in bacon an incredible blessing, it’s popularity has exploded in recent years. Hipsters, festivals, exercise aficionados, and the Paleo movement have all raised the bacon pedestal just a bit higher. The incredible taste and, like Michael Jordan, bacon’s

A Useful Bout with Adversity

There’s nothing better than when things are going great, is there? I mean if life isn’t good, we’re trying to make it so. Life, however, never presents steady state rainbows and butterflies. It’s guaranteed to go bad. Yup, even the super rich, the super beautiful, and the super famous have bad days, weeks, months, and


I am sitting here after sweeping the floor of the office at the new gym (DEUCE Gym) for at least the sixth or seventh time. We are once again tired and covered in dirt, paint, and Lord knows what else.  Throughout the past week, we have torn out metal walls, sawed, jackhammered, sledgehammered, and cussed

Our Biggest Mistake: Trading in the Skill Based Life

There’s a defining moment  during training were athletes leave behind the entire reason they are here in the first place. This distinct instance is the biggest mistake any athlete can make. It’s the very second that a great gift of our training becomes a curse. In a perfect world, it would be a bridge none