1/22/13 - The Feeling is Mutual

For the sake of illustration, let’s consider two athletes. The first is a repeat world champion triathlete. The other? He’s a deconditioned, retired real estate agent with twenty or thirty extra pounds of inactive lifestyle hanging around his midsection. You could very well put these guys on either end of the fitness spectrum and no one would argue with you.

Embo focused.

Embo focused.

There’s an interesting note about these two seemingly opposite individuals that is worth noting, however. Comparatively speaking:

For which athlete, is the exhaustion of a maximal effort greater?

Of the two athletes, who hurts the most after an 800m time trial?

Which athlete must rely heavier on hydration?

Of the two, which athlete must pay closest attention to nutrition?

Who is affected more by sleep, or lack thereof?

I’m sure by now you’re catching my drift. Finishing 3 rounds of 400m runs, 24 push ups, and 12 power snatches as fast as possible hurts the same for the newbie as it does the advanced athlete. The take away of this, then, is two fold..

1. We all have access to the same gains.

2. We all will have to bear the same pains.

The next time we take class together. You can enjoy the fact that it sucks just as much for me, as it does you. The reward is just as a sweet, too.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

3 Rounds for distance and reps of:
6 Broad Jumps for distance
90 sec Max KB Swings

-Rest 2 min-