Your New Lifestyle: A Bird’s Eye View

As the functional training and real nutrition wave sweeps across the globe, I began to think about life without it. If you’ve been consumed like I have, it’s hard to imagine life before being “Better than yesterday,” eating real food, and training functionally were daily buzz words in your life. Whether it’s still what brings

The Human Touch

We’ve never been a bootcamp. We don’t yell or verbally “motivate” our students. Yet, it’s impossible to avoid the philosophy, the ruthless training, and the cut throat nature of performance that instilled in every ounce of FFOTB. It’s quite refreshing, however, to think that this place is still human. Sure, we’re guided by performance and, though,

In Memory of Diesel: ‘Gym Dog’

Many of you have had the pleasure of meeting a truly amazing creature… my dog, Diesel.  He truly is a piece of work. I can’t even walk down the street without being stopped every ten feet.  In fact, I have had multiple offers in the same day to buy him for lots of American dollars.

FFOTB Presents: The VITALS Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s that time. FFOTB is proud to announce our next community challenge. The VITALS Challenge will set new precedent again in the world of fitness competitions. This challenge is a 6 week quest to improve in three benchmark efforts across three distinct skill sets, thus the namesake. These are

Saloon Environment Yields Results

On two occasions today, I saw the power of perspective in action. Firstly, I was squatting heavy with infamous member of ‘The Nation,” Will ‘Too Tall’ Peddie. Our heavy doubles and singles in the front squat were executed in heavy doses of laughter, positive energy, and the hopeful statement, “It’s too light!” Imagine that. Two