Sustainable Motivation

Everyone is “going green.” Sustainability is an uber-popular buzz word these days, largely because people, businesses, and communities are searching for ways to eat, live, and work sustainably. I’d bet you hadn’t thought about sustainability issues with regards to your mood, however. How about motivation? We all, it seems, enjoy the times when motivation is

FFOTB Presents: Organic Meal Service

When you don’t have a roof, let alone walls at your gym, you’re community is EVERYTHING. Our community has been the glue for this entire operation and many of our students have stepped into roles much larger than that of “classmate.” Student, Reyna Pecot, is no different. Her career is that of an exceptional chef,

Keeping Failure Close

Failure has a very clear connotation. It’s negative. Make no mistakes about it. Failure is almost never the ideal end result. What I’m about to do, however, is ask you to push the envelope of your relationship with failure.  How well are you acquainted with with failure? Is it familiar? It doesn’t ever have to

Dynamic Duo PR Challenge Finals

This Saturday will be an epic battle of front squats and shuttle runs to close out our 6-week partner challenge. For the first time ever, a community challenge became more than just a personal journey for improvement. We added a second wheel. Teams of two are forced to improve together to succeed. Doubling the responsibility


— No Classes – CrossFit Games — No matter what, you’re always emitting energy. This energy is felt and it’s impact can change everything. We often notice this most around people that exude extremely positive or extremely negative energy, but you don’t have to be the life of the party (or it’s opposite) to have