5 Ways to Avoid Being a Beginner Forever

Almost no one jumps into a program as diverse as ours as an “advanced student,” professional athletes included. There are often just too many skills to walk in Day 1 and have it all down. Former NCAA Division I athletes that know their way around a barbell may have strength and conditioning, but may be

The Good News & the Bad News

Last week for whatever reason I was really quite sore after taking class at FFOTB. I found myself talking to a potential student about this very topic. I described it then as the “Good News” and the “Bad News.” I realized that as I spoke to this individual that this concept is universal in our

Calorie Freedom

Have you ever noticed a restaurant menu with calorie totals on it? Chain restaurants like Jamba Juice or Applebee’s are required by law (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010) to label the calorie count of each standard item on the menu. Knowledge is power, right? That’s the idea behind this law, at

Sorry to Interrupt

**Dynamic Duo PR Challenge Finals Day** If you’ve ever taken class at our fitness school, you can relate to that moment when you’re in the middle of a workout and the coach interrupts your blazing repetitions to say something. Depending on your perspective, you may be relieved   that Danny or I are giving you

Celebrating Light in a World of Darkness

Today I heard a story that shook me a bit.  I met a girl this morning at the coffee shop.  I see her most days, as I go to the same coffee shop every morning at just about the same time.  Most mornings I just give people a nod or a wave as I am