Love running? Hate it?

Whether you’re a die hard runner or detest it, our training has special relevance to you and your position. Our training regime involves programming that includes the entire spectrum of performance. This then naturally includes a running element. It appears in our workouts no more or less than anything else, however. On top of that,

All Access

Personally, the past two weeks have been tumultuous balancing travel and my work schedule. A small part of my daily duties includes communicating to our community through this very blog. While I’m in and out of town, I still must find a way to post our daily workout with a message. While it can be

The “Push Partner”

The name “Push Partner” was coined by an old coach of mine, but the concept is nothing novel. The concept of having a push partner was introduced to me in college, when NCAA rules prevented Division I schools from holding organized practice during the winter break. So, the coaching staff separated the team in pairs.

Open 24/7

As our killer new American Apparel tees arrive and are sold online, I want to draw your attention to our website. If you are a student, the website should be a bit of a landmark for you. is “home base” for information about your fitness community and is a resource for all things fitness.

Just Say No

I don’t like to poach other blogs very often, but I do believe that there is a time and a place to do so. The following is from Kelly Starett, world class coach and mobility guru. Our last blog was on the topic of recovery, and while I don’t retract anything I said, I didn’t