Deuce Athletics – Torrance, CA

wyGnzYP7_400x400Born out of first hand experience with the feeble strength and conditioning practices team sports at the youth level and beyond, DEUCE Athletics is having the most inclusive conversation of human movement in youth sports. We are changing the standard for training in team sports. With a specialty in developing power athletes (or athletes that utilize speed, strength, power, and agility in their respective sports), DEUCE Athletics takes a skill based approach to training. We believe performance isn’t just about working hard, but it’s also about doing the work better. Growing capacity and growing skills are key to peak performance.

DEUCE Athletics is the strength and conditioning element at the The Refinery Baseball Academy in Torrance, Calf. Athletes of any age, sport, or fitness level can learn how to move and get fit for their sport. Both Major League veterans and amateur players alike train at DEUCE Athletics.
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DEUCE Athletics @ The Refinery – 444 Alaska Ave., Torrance, CA 90503