1/28/15 - This is Not Vietnam

I see you. I see you making this all complicated. You’ve got meetings and responsibilities, and this is tough after all, right?

I guess if we agree from the start that certain things like love, war, diet and exercise are all hard then we can just mutually agree that we’re going to buckle down and give it a good college try and God willing things will workout some way or another.


I mean, I guess…

What if we’re all just being dramatic? Maybe the simple truth is that this is so easy that we all look ridiculous when we find a way to screw it up. Think about it. If you were a certified badass student that came say.. (wait for it..) three days a week and you didn’t intentionally eat as though you were trying to kill yourself, you’d be untouchable.

No doctor could tell you shit. You could sign up for any marathon, Toughest Mudder, rock climbing vacation, or Waterskiing Front Flip Invitational that you wanted to. I’m talking about you being a strong, flexible, enduring, resilient, certified badass.

Step 1: Train three days a week with the diligence with which you brush your teeth.

Step 2: Don’t intentionally eat like you’re trying to kill yourself.

This is easy. Yet, somehow, someway we turn this process into Vietnam. We all want a damn Purple Heart for doing basic things like what you said you would do.

I’m not telling you to drink the Kool Aide. I’m not telling you to become a gym rat. I’m telling you to consider that this far away, improbable goal of real fitness is not hard. Go get it.


Logan Gelbrich



1/28/15 WOD

With one partner working at a time..
3 Sandbag to Shoulder (AHAP)
5 Box Jumps (AHAP)


Accessory Work
2x 100’ Plank Walk (50’ out and back)