4/23/15 - The Appointment

The way we run the General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program at DEUCE is relatively high on the structure meter. It’s rigid in structure intentionally because the vast majority of students are learning to be fit and healthy for the first time. Accountability, then, is often the difference between fitness success and failure. It’s not a lack of resources, gym space,  or trainers in this town. Believe me.

In that way, our memberships (as you may know) are based on how many days per week that you train. Furthermore, students choose their class days and times. They are appointments. In that way, if your schedule has you training Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30PM, we are expecting you no differently than your dentist would expect you for an appointment.

Sure, life happens. When folks can’t make it, we talk about it. Letting your coach know ahead of time (like you would your barber) that you’ll miss your appointment is advisable. In addition to life, what also happens is people fail their fitness journey when left to their own devices. That’s what we’re for. So, if you miss class and we don’t hear from you, we’re going to reach out.

The more that students view these classes as booked appointments in their day, the less likely they are to let other things creep in the way of getting what they want. Schedule it! That is how you’d try to most other important things done, wouldn’t it?

Set your appointment in your calendar. Show up.


Logan Gelbrich



4/23/15 WOD

Part A: 8×1 Banded DL [40% 1RM (30s Rest)]

Part B:

25 Banded KB Swings
10 Sandbag Front Squats (115/95)
200m Run

Part C:

Accumulate 50 Weighted Situps