1/6/17 - Tame the Beast (106lbs) with Coach Chris

Under all the layers of training styles and preferences is the universal underlying goal: skill transfer. Without skill transfer, or the ability to use the adaptation from training somewhere other than in the gym, training loses its purpose. While not everyone has a specific thing that they are training for, like a sport or an event, we all want our training to have an effect. The more transferable the effect, I think we can agree, the more utility is in the training.

General physical preparedness (GPP) is notoriously ambiguous. The training has, by definition, broad goals. However, it doesn’t mean there can’t be specific application from the training. A quality GPP program should improve your golf, your yoga, and your parental responsibilities amongst other things.

Recently, Coach Chris took on an infamous strength challenge in the kettlebell community called “Tame the Beast.” To do so, you simply need to press, pistol squat, and strict pull up with a 106lbs kettlebell. As it pertains to skill transfer, the broad, general, inclusive nature of Chris’ GPP allowed him to pass a strength test that many train specifically for for years without any specific kettlebell oriented training.

WATCH to see how Chris’ effort went.


Logan Gelbrich


1/6/17 WOD


15 Hand Release Push Ups

10 Power Cleans (185/135)

200m Run