1/30/15 - Stagnation Allergies

In Chinese medicine, they often connect that stagnation to the root of pain in the body. As human beings, we tend to universally dislike being “stuck” whether it’s a literal or a figurative descriptor. In that way, movement, like our blood, is essential to life.

I’ve shared this quote with you all before, but it stays with me wherever I go:

“Some people are born to spend their lives catching up; and they are as a rule the passionate ones.”

The trouble is, I don’t believe that this is just “some people.” I think we’re all fundamentally allergic to stagnation in our lives and we all have a flame, big or small, in our damn bones that is stoked by movement and progress.

Now, this is sweet and all, but before we hug it out and take this party to the weekend we need to get one thing straight. If we all agree that this attraction to advance ourselves is in us all then we need to understand that progress means responsibility. Our responsibility to move forward doesn’t end and that is a tall order.

With that, all we have left to do is get to work and enjoy the ride. See you at the top!

Logan Gelbrich


1/30/15 WOD

Complete the following for time:
100 Overhead Squats (95/65)



Accessory Work:
3 x 10 Reverse Push Ups
3 x 10 Toes to Bar