DEUCE Breathwork

Coach: Jonathan Lorenzo

Coach: Jonathan Lorenzo

Deuce Breathwork is unlike any class you’ve taken before.

This class will explore one of our most innate and commonly ignored tools as human beings: our breath. Using bioenergetic breathing techniques this class will teach you how to influence mental, emotional and physical states through conscious control of your breath.

On a physiological level, this class will increase your bodies capacity to gather, process and deliver oxygen as well as increase your lung capacity. More importantly, this class will help you push past your fears and tap into your inner potential, translating to life both in and outside of the gym.

It is a challenging experience so prepare to be uncomfortable, trust me its worth it.

Meeting Time: Every Monday at 8:00 p.m. Sign-up at the gym or call ahead.

Members & Non-Members:
-Drop-ins: $20
-Monthly Unlimited: $60