8/11/16 - One Percent Responsibility

Consider the simple notion that you reading these words makes you a member of the fitness one percent. You could be brand new to the gym, or even just be visiting this site based on a recommendation. In those cases, your willingness to train your athletic capacity or your network of evolved friends that sent you here still makes you uncommon. The rest of you that front squat and drink water daily, you might as well be physical specimens relative to our nation’s “normal” citizen.

Unlike most instances, being called a member of the 1% isn’t an insult or a guilt trip. This is cause for celebration!

Consider that most of America is so far from a consciousness of health and fitness that even if they made an attempt to live a healthy lifestyle, they wouldn’t know how to do so. At least for us, we can go through our own peaks and valleys of motivation and still know which way is up. For 99% of Americans, eating healthier means string cheese and wheat toast instead of fast food and malt liquor. For 99% of America, switching from cigarettes to vaping and regular soda to diet is “making moves.”

I’m not worried about you. Even if you’re far from your goals, your proximity to this conversation makes you a winner in my book. Now, how much you affect the world around you is a different story.

Calling you a member of the fitness one percent is a call-out of a different kind. It’s one of responsibility. The state of our nation’s health is awful and how you act as an ambassador to a quality lifestyle (or not) matters. People are watching you, albeit your family, your distant friends, or otherwise.

Show them that you can do it and still be a normal person. Show them you can live it and enjoy your life. We need your help.


Logan Gelbrich


8/11/16 WOD


Incline Bench Press



3×50′ Sled Rows

3x Max Inverted Rows


Then, AMRAP 2