12/15/16 - Mini Rites of Passage

Consider how easy it could be to live an entire life without ever coming to learn about yourself. It’s easy, especially given how well we can distract ourselves, to spend a day, a week, a year, a decade, or longer without putting some serious introspection to the test. It’s scary. After all, if you don’t know yourself, how can you really know anything?

Lucky, there’s a way to learn all there is to know about yourself. I originally wrote that “there’s an easy way” but I had to go back, delete, and replace the word “easy.” It’s not easy. That’s actually part of the point.

The solution?

Rites of passage are powerful teachers of truth. My good friend Tait and I talk about this often and the result of the conversation is the same every time. The specific nature of the rite of passage almost doesn’t matter. Instead, commitment to a long journey toward excellence, rigorous evaluation, struggle, and a willingness to continue nonetheless makes for great results. It’s in these pressure cookers of experience, albeit medical school, a professional sport, or a trade-based apprenticeship, we’re forced to confront tough situations head on. Without question, it’s in these tight spots that we are forced to confront ourselves. Who are you? How are you going to manage this? Rites of passage don’t allow you to run.

On the other side of a rite of passage is a clearer image of who you really are. Often this comes with confidence and skills to navigate other scenarios. Without it, the reality of who you are can be scary, because, after all, those details are uncertain if left untested. As a result, one may feel the need to wear masks, impersonate, or put on an act.

You may not be ready to jump on a flight to Tibet to try on a monk’s rite of passage, but there are small doses of this concept available in your daily life. Remove the wiggle room. We all have plenty of challenges in our lives. The gym is an easy place for mini doses of adversity. Take these as a chance, not to run, but to enter the struggle head on.


Logan Gelbrich


12/15/16 WOD

Complete 15 rounds for time of:

1 Muscle Up

2 Clean and Jerks (165/125)

3 Box Jumps (30/24)