Lift / Run / Hang Competition – Venice Boardwalk

Lift / Run / Hang
venice beach • sept 18, 2021 • 11am-3pm
One shoe three expressions of life
Intelligent Minimalism

$149/entry includes:
+ pair of STR/KE shoes
+ pre-comp coffee
+ post-comp beer

The City of Los Angeles has turned over the keys to world famous Muscle Beach and you are invited! The Lift | Run | Hang Competition is an inclusive fitness event that’s seriously fun, but just not that serious. It all goes down Saturday Sept. 18th from 11am – 3pm.

In addition to having a chance to lift in the newly remolded lifting and posing platform and running the infamous Venice Beach boardwalk, participants will receive a FREE pair of STR/KE MVMNT shoes, a FREE Beer, and a FREE Cold Brew coffee!

The “competition” as three distinct events:

[1] LIFT – (Above Parallel Weightlifting Meet). Participants will have three attempts at the power snatch followed by three attempts at the power clean and jerk. VIDEO: WATCH LOGAN EXPLAIN THE MOVEMENTS
[2] RUN – Participants will run, jog, or walk two miles of ocean front.
[3] HANG – Participants are expected to socialize with other positive people in a fun atmosphere.

We all need something to look forward to