2/21/17 - Learn with Someone

There are many ways to learn, but experience remains one of the best. Learning something by yourself is a commendable effort, but learning with someone else can accelerate learning and increase the fun factor by a hundredfold. Take something on. Whether it’s a new sport, a new language, or a new hobby, pick a friend and go learn. Learning is funny. The more you learn the more you want to learn, but the less you learn the less you want to learn. Both are easy places to find yourself.

I have the fortunate experience of being blessed with two baby girls. They need to learn all of the things. My wife and I have been on quite the journey/crash course on teaching them about life. It contains very small bite sized increments. We are hard at work with learning words. My daughter is now pointing at things around the room, and it turns into quiz papa time. What is this? What is that? What is this? What is that? All of these messages are signaled by a toddler pointing to some object with a inquisitive look on her face.

We are working on raising bilingual children, which requires me to know another language. Outside of Spanish in high school (which was kind of a joke), I haven’t ever really given a language a good effort. So our goal is to learn Italian. I have a lot of work to do. Thankfully, her goal is just learning words because this is the perfect challenge for me, as well. She is learning to speak in general, I am broadening my language skills and learning Italian. This is so helpful for me, and I believe it makes it more fun for her, as well. We talk, we mess up, we laugh at ourselves, and we both get better at this language thing. The repetition is so helpful and with toddlers repetition is the name of the game.

Whatever we do. We are better as a team, whether it be two or twenty of us. Bringing individuals together enriches the learning and the experience for the whole crew, whether it be a language, or fitness, or martial art, or a sport. Consider joining a group that chases this pursuit. Here at DEUCE we pursue fitness. We also pursue a lot of other things. Give it a look, and bring a friend.

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Danny Lesslie


2/21/17 WOD

Complete 5 rounds for load of the following complex:

:10 Static Hold + 3 Back Squats

-Rest as Needed-



Then, Complete 3 rounds for time of:

400m Run

100′ Sandbag Carry (AHAP)