6/10/15 - Is Fitness Pessimistic Towards Movement?

Let me begin by saying, I’d like to think that I have pride in coaching and practicing quality movement. Furthermore, much of the movement practiced by most people participating in fitness isn’t immaculate.

Now, on with my point.

I find this odd habit amongst people in and around fitness that is quite pessimistic when it comes to movement. In the context of fitness, everyone (experts and novices alike) are passionately rigid in what bodies can and can’t do. We all have strong opinions about what should and shouldn’t happen in the gym.

Even the most tried and true, old school, rigid movements found in the gym are knit picked and critiqued to the finest detail, while in no other context are we as stubbornly negative towards movement.

Consider your openness to movement in your life on the street, in pick up basketball, while doing errands, and at work. Now, compare that to your feelings about movement when it comes to working out. I’d bet your openness starts to be replaced with concerns about your back, heavy weights, form, and so on.

Where does that come from? Is it always helpful to think this way? Personally, I think we’re hilariously missing the point.


Logan Gelbrich



6/10/15 WOD


Complete the following for time:
400m Run
40 Squats
30 Situps
20 Pushups
10 Pullups


Find 1RM Regular Stance Box Squat