6/8/15 - Ingredient #1: Conviction

When it comes to being effective, believing in your methods is arguably as important (or more important) than the methods themselves. Without conviction, a marginalized results is nearly guaranteed. When it comes to fitness, we see this all the time. “What works for me” is usually just what you want to work for you and what you believe works for you.

Imagine someone who is fanatical about Pilates and hates calisthenics. After doing 8-week trials of each modality, which do you think would yield the better result?

I’m not telling you that what you believe in is correct. I’m telling you you better believe in what you’re doing regardless if you want a positive result.


Logan Gelbrich


6/8/15 WOD

With one partner working at a time, complete six rounds:

Partner A: 250m Row

Partner B: 250m Row

– Rest 1 Min –


Then,  Complete 4 rounds for time of:

12 Strict Pullups
14 DB OH Walking Lunges (50/30)
40 Double Unders