Delta Bravo: The DEUCE Home Training Experience

The DEUCE Home Training Experience

We’ve been diligently working behind the scenes to bring the world, and specifically our students, the most remarkable training experience possible at this time. We’re proud to present a massive project called "DELTA BRAVO: The DEUCE Home Training Experience."

This training experience allows the essence of DEUCE to enter the homes of every person with an internet connection. What we’ve always sought to deliver our people is a coaching experience of true performance training in the context of community that improves life outside the gym, or lifestyle.

DELTA BRAVO develops legitimate strength and conditioning at home. Period. How is that possible?

Here are the details:

— We’ve partnered up with a resource to drop ship you two heavy dumbbells to your door if you need to purchase.

— Streamlined thoughtful training that makes no concessions on strength.

— 5 days/week of training (3 Strength, 2 Conditioning)

—  All of the movements are taught by DEUCE coaches and bonus coaching materials are released to DELTA BRAVO members only.

With an uptick in digital training and at-home options like Mirror & Peloton, we don’t think that at home training needs to be biased towards conditioning. Most at-home training options are incomplete and DELTA BRAVO has closed the loop.

DELTA BRAVO is a part of the future of the DEUCE brand and our ability to coach and engage with the folks who aren’t lucky enough to live in a city with a DEUCE location. It’s the first serious option to train with a community while at home and build remarkable performance capacity in both strength and conditioning.