4/22/15 - Graceland: Zero Unread Emails

I’m stuck in a very typical game of cat and mouse. There’s a certain ubiquitous enjoyment I think all humans share in an empty inbox. Accomplishing this task of zero unread emails is my Graceland. I want it.

What I’m noticing, however, is that in an effort to get to this Promise Land, I’m actively engaged in the thing I despise most (i.e. dealing with emails as they come in). As a result, I’ve used my end goal as a means to torture myself with the exact thing I’m trying to avoid.

Not brilliant.

Noticing this, I’ve realized that the process can (and arguably should) support the chance to accomplish the end goal regardless as to what it is. How many times have we seen folks with a goal as clear as day to be a vibrant and healthy person except their strategy to achieve this is one of nutritional torture and miserable variations of exercise?

Not brilliant.

The best progress I’ve ever seen people make in the gym often comes from people that enjoy their training and that enjoy their food. I enjoy every meal I eat, in part, because it serves my purpose in that same way that my training does. Now, if I’d just schedule time to knock emails out and leave the rest of my waking minutes crushing life, I’d be basking in that Promise Land sun with no emails and plenty of free time to spare.


Logan Gelbrich


4/22/15 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for reps of:
:30 Max Power Cleans (135/95)
:90 Max Single Unders
-Rest 2 min-


**Athlete’s receive two scores 1) total power cleans and 2) total¬†single unders