Fatal, Natural Human Tendencies

What if I told you a basic human habit could kill you? Welp.. it’s true and it happens all the time. It’s called Normalization of Deviance.

The short story is this. We take a short cut and not die (or receive any other significant consequences) and the action goes unchallenged in our minds. Over time we feel as though dangerous things, even life threatening things, have no consequences, or much less risk than is actually present.

A massive tragic example are the countless occasions that those involved in the planning and execution of NASA’s catastrophic Challenger accident openly recognized and dismissed the problems that led to the explosion of the space craft and the death of seven individuals. In the same way, driving while impaired can go unchecked for decades until you’re faced with a DUI or worse.

Once we “normalize” these habits that at first have clear, respectable risks, it’s quite easy to forget that reality. Respect every corner in your life. There’s a chance you’re forgetting how important following through on those little details really are.

Check your habits. Regardless of how large or small the issue may be, you may unknowingly be setting yourself up for massive failure.

It’s worth mentioning that I love getting interesting bits of knowledge from our community. Given how diverse our population is, it keeps things interesting. One student, in particular, continually sends me insightful things to read and think about. This blog was inspired by a brilliant piece shared to me by one of you. Thank you!


Logan Gelbrich


8/21/15 WOD

Find a Heavy 50’ Zercher Carry
Complete the following for time of:
10, 9, 8…1 Overhead Squats (115/75)
25 Double Unders