3/4/15 - Fast Twitch Commodity

Fast twitch muscles fibers are hard to come by. Genetics aside, one must train to earn fast twitch performance. Speed, power, and agility from one activity to another are hot commodities in strength and conditioning.

The trouble is, with fast twitch fibers, we’ve got to train fast to be fast. There isn’t enough kale and lean body mass on Earth to make one fast. Speed is developed when we recruit muscles to apply force at a high rate of speed.

If being faster is on your “to do list,” you’ll need to find ways to spend as much time at top end speeds in training as possible. Training slow movements, on the other hand, can teach us to lose speed.

Today is your day to be FAST!


Logan Gelbrich




3/4/15 WOD

2x 10 Med Ball Reverse Tosses (Ea)
2x 10 Med Ball Throw to Sit Up
2x 10 Med Ball Chest Passes

Even: 400′ Shuttle (50′ Turn Around)
Odd: 10 Seated DB Presses