10/29/17 - Disagreeable Discourse

Several weeks ago I was fortunate to have coffee with a legend in strength and conditioning. While I anticipated the meeting to be inspiring and cordial, it delivered much more. We argued. I don’t mean we argued in that we attacked each other and experienced anger towards one another. What I mean is that rather than talking about the “crazy weather” or the Dodgers, we dug right into matters close to our heart. We spoke passionately about the things we feel strongly about.

After all, that’s what he wanted to hear from me and, naturally, it’s what I wanted to here from him. The meeting was both inspiring and perfectly cordial, but it also held space for a volley of discourse that wasn’t always agreeable. The result was an opportunity to change our views on some of our assumptions. We both walked away different people.

While it takes two to tango, so to speak, in order for two people to enter into this type of discourse, it is worth the uncomfortable squeeze. When we’re open to disagreement, we’re open to learn. After all, when you debate with someone, there are one of two possible outcomes:

  1. Your position gets stronger, or
  2. You take on a better position.

Are there people in your life that you love and respect that you can disagree with? If so, include a volley of ideas that challenge each others’ positions this week. If not, what could it mean for you or your peer group if disagreement is traditionally avoided?


Logan Gelbrich



10/29/17 WOD


Minute 1: 2 Stone to Shoulder (AHAP)

Minute 2: 4 Front Squats (AHAP)

Minute 3: 6 Strict Pullups