11/23/15 - DEUCE Holiday Schedule

It’s a wonderful time to be a DEUCE athlete. Unique holiday scheduling starts this week in observance of Thanksgiving. Here’s a preview of what’s to expect:

Wednesday November 25th – OPEN (Last Class is Noon Class)

Thursday November 26th – CLOSED (Thanksgiving)

Friday November 27th – CLOSED 

Saturday November 28th – CLOSED

Coming in December we’ve got two weeks over Christmas and New Years to train both in the morning and the evening during three hour blocks with a daily workout and coaching. Here’s the December holiday schedule:

Monday December 21st – OPEN (6:30-9:30AM & 4:30-7:30PM)

Tuesday December 22nd – OPEN (6:30-9:30AM & 4:30-7:30PM)

Wednesday December 23rd – OPEN (6:30-9:30AM & 4:30-7:30PM)

Thursday December 24th – CLOSED 

Friday December 25th – CLOSED

Monday December 28th – OPEN (6:30-9:30AM & 4:30-7:30PM)

Tuesday December 29th – OPEN (6:30-9:30AM & 4:30-7:30PM)

Wednesday December 30th – OPEN (6:30-9:30AM & 4:30-7:30PM)

Thursday December 31st – CLOSED

Friday January 1st – CLOSED (3rd Annual 0.5K Run/Walk Brunch)

See you in the yard!


Logan Gelbrich


11/23/15 WOD

Make 5 attempts:

60 Yard Shuttle (5, 10, 15)

-Rest as needed-

**Record fastest effort




Complete 4 rounds for reps:

In :90..

30 Lateral Plyo Skier Hops

Max Front Squats (BW)

-Rest :90-