9/2/16 - DEUCE Gym Presents: FloWater

If you have been in the office recently you have probably noticed our newest addition ever so snuggly nestled in next to the desk. We have decided to provide the community with a FloWater station. This has long been a conversation, and recently has been on our minds for a couple reasons. Hydration, first of all, is imperative for health and wellness, and we are conscious of our environmental footprint. It is something that we as a community want to help our athletes with. Up until this point we have been selling Fiji and haven’t really had a solid option for people to fill up their water bottles beyond the bathroom sink. We didn’t want to just have a drinking fountain. We were looking for something more. Enter FloWater. Some details are below.

What is FloWater?

FloWater’s purification system transforms ordinary tap water into advanced hydration. We remove any contaminants left in typical tap water and enhance the water with the highest quality blend of minerals and electrolytes, creating a purified water that’s healthier than any other water on the market.

FloWater’s proprietary Refill Station design dispenses water into any reusable bottle, which means FloWater users are making great strides towards eliminating toxicity, chemical leaching and plastic waste associated with bottled water, while drinking a water that’s superior to anything else on the market!

How does FloWater work?

FloWater’s Refill Station technology takes an existing source of water (usually just your local tap water!) and transforms it into an ultra purified water that tastes better and hydrates more effectively than any other alternative on the market!

We’re able to create this advanced hydration through our proprietary 7x purification process.

If you are looking for more resources. Check out their website. There is plenty more information here.

This change has been a long time coming. We hope you all take advantage of it. Let us know what you think. Stay tuned for more developments in the hydration game around here “hint hint”. Merch alert! We have something dropping at the end of the month.

For all of you that love Fiji, we will still offer this as well. Happy hydration!


Danny Lesslie



9/2/16 WOD

Complete the following for time:

Run 1K

-Rest as needed-


Then, complete the following for time:

10, 9, 8,.. 1 Back Squats (~50% 1RM)

10, 9, 8,.. 1 Dynamic Pushups