10/7/16 - CrossFit Strongman Seminar in Venice Beach

Athletes and coaches far and wide are descending upon DEUCE Gym for the CrossFit Strongman seminar Sunday October 16th. The one day seminar is perfect for the curious novice or the polished athlete or coach.

From 9AM until 5PM, Coach Emily and I will dive into the details of who should train the strongman implements and why. The answers will surprise you. Not only will you learn methodology, programming, and technique, you will do the heavy lifting. With proper technique, you’ll have fun lifting appririaotly scaled atlas stones, tires, logs, kegs, and MORE! This is one of the most fun and participatory seminars in the CrossFit Specialty arsenal so don’t miss out.

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Logan Gelbrich


10/7/16 WOD

Every 3 minutes for 30 minutes, complete the following for time:

Row 250m