So Simple

A pushup. It’s how you get your body off of the floor. It starts on the ground, finishes with locked out elbows. I would say the majority of people could

“But Where?”

All the time I get this question. It comes in many forms, and people express it in different ways, but the basic gist is the same: “Where do I start?”

The Moment

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There are times in life when time seems to slow more or less to a halt, and in this moment is your opportunity to engage, experience, and feel, or you

Tell Me Why

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Why do you train? We specifically set aside time with each athlete as they enter our community to talk with them about their reasons for wanting to come here. I

Sweat Every Day

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Fitness is full of fads. There is always something “newer” and “better” out there. Let’s be real honest with ourselves here, if you are not working hard, chances are the