Kimmy Moss

Originally from Northern Virginia, Kimmy is a high-voltage human with a passion for optimal experience. She has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Communication from George Mason University, where she was a two-sport NCAA Division I athlete (soccer & track), and taught communication courses for four years. After college, Kimmy spent a decade coaching and teaching in Virginia prior to moving to California. She is an NLP Practitioner, XPT Level 3 Coach, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, and was the 2018 Virginia State High School Coach of the Year, where she led her soccer team to a state title in her second year as head coach. Kimmy created and currently runs the Breath & Exposure program at DEUCE Gym. Committed to a lifetime of better understanding human perception, Kimmy is enthusiastic about teaching others how breath, exposure and movement can help them live healthier, more peaceful lives.

This is a Test

The next time you feel slighted – I’ve got a simple reframe for you.. Replace “This is unfair” with “This is a test.” Much like you can leverage a running clock to incentivize increased urgency and engagement for a conditioning piece, you can also leverage a paradigm shift to explore what you can conquer, not complain about, the next

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Sculpting Humility: More Commitment

During my sophomore season of college soccer, I went through a period where I seriously considered transferring schools. Even though the season had started out incredible – I had scored two game-winning goals early on, and as a defender(!) – by the end of the season, we had only won five games. An obnoxious winner

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Push, Pull, Pause

A few months back, someone at Coach’s Prep was asked to run with the same amount of tension in their body as they’d have if they were going for a 1RM deadlift. I’ll hold while you take a second to imagine that… Lol. While yes(!), recruiting maximal tension in the body for a max effort

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System Overload

One of the most basic training principles for driving training adaptation is the idea of progressive overload – in order to build strength and endurance, we must expose the body to increasing demands. What might this look like? More weight, more time under tension, more volume, less and/or restricted breathing, etc. For most of you,

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Team Energy: Priceless

Picture this: it’s the end of a long day, you just got home, and all you want to do is take a hot shower, make dinner and wind down for bed. Ah, but here’s the thing – you’ve got some mandatory chores to get done before any of that can happen. Okay, now picture that

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