UPDATE: We Aren’t Selling Dopamine

There is a benefit to ClassPassing your way around town from HIIT workout to “Best playlist ever!” cycle classes. The upside is the dopamine you bathe in after you drive your heart rate for an hour, change your core temperature, and soil your shirt with sweat. 

The problem is these dopamine parties are sold as “fitness”. 

If you’re looking for dopamine, try laser tag. Want that post workout glow, just sauna instead. It’ll save your joints and it won’t be as inauthentic.

The unfortunate truth is that the development of fitness qualities from the training doesn’t always feel like “a great workout.” Developing strength, mobility, and higher quality muscle tissues often requires prolonged bouts of rest, standing around between efforts, and even (!) sitting. 

As a facility with a performance-based worldview of fitness, it is our charter to develop fitness qualities not just the feeling of it. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of cardio bootcamps and heart rate centric group fitness crazes it needs to be noted that the dopamine laden good feeling of such experiences isn’t equivalent to training adaptation. 

Here you can expect to be coached to pick the right load, move it for the right dose, rest, and reap the benefits. If you just want to feel a rush, watch a scary movie.

10/4/21 WOD


Complete 5 rounds for quality of:

5 Front Squat
6 Lateral Banded Drive (ea)

Then, complete 2 drop sets of the following:
2 Different Weights Front Squat

Then, complete 5 rounds for time:

5 Renegade Rows (45/25)
10 DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges
10 DB Push Press
1 7th Street Corner Run


Find a set of max strict pull ups..

Complete 3 rounds of the following:

4 1-Arm DB Push Presses + 6 Jerks – Left
4 1-Arm DB Push Presses + 6 Jerks – Right
12 Inverted Rows
-Rest as Needed-

Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:

12 Knees-to-Elbows
24 KB Swings (70/53)
400m Run