NEW! DEUCE Racing Podcast, Episode 10: Nyesha Arrington

And just like that, the DEUCE Racing Podcast is in the double digits for episodes! On this week’s episode, you’ll get to meet the one-of-a-kind, exceptionally humble and nurturing, Nyesha Arrington.

Not only does Nyesha have a special story about finding her greatest passion, cooking, at an incredibly young age, she also has a particularly special gift for storytelling. Throughout this episode, you’re guaranteed to find yourself drifting off into a warm space of appreciation and admiration for everything that Nyesha talks about. But equally so, you’ll experience how listening to her so clearly describe her passion – and staying true to it despite numerous obstacles along the way – can and will lend itself to rich, nourishing reflection for you to consider regarding your own passions.

For Nyesha, everything can be distilled to its nucleus; the act of finding the common denominator. The one that unites a singular thing to a far more expansive, collective, connected world. Nyesha, forever a student, is fiercely committed to a growth mindset, and believes intellectual birth should commence at birth, and really only cease at the end of life. All this goes without saying, the work she does and the grace in which she does it is astonishing.

Folks, there’s simply nothing else I can say other than this: you’re gonna glow after listening to this episode!

8/10/21 WOD


Complete 5 Rounds of the Following:

3 High Hang Power Clean
:30 Active Hold

Then, EMOM 15

1: 5 Wall Walks
2: 15 Inverted Rows
3: :30 Double KB Swings(53/35)


Complete 8 rounds of the following:

12 Jumping Jacks
5 Standing Vertical Jump

Then, AMRAP 20

8 Deadlifts (225/185)
12 KBS (70/53)
16 Knee to Chest
200′ Suitcase Carry *Switch half way

-Rest :90-

Then, complete 4 Rounds for quality of:

15 Banded triceps Ext. 
15 Bent over Y raise


1 1/4 Front Squats

Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of:

3 High Hang Power Snatches 
12 Alt DB Deadbugs

Then, AMRAP 10

10 OHS (65/45)
25 Double Unders

Finisher: 3x 15 DB 3-Way Shoulder Raise