One Strategy to Save the World

Human beings are the most incredible creatures on the planet. And, we also have the power to be the opposite. You and I have both greatness and misery inside us. With that truth, we stand on unstable ground where this can very quickly go poorly. Or, things can go beautifully beyond our wildest dreams. 

Here’s the one thing we can do to save the planet:

Support everyone you possibly can who is giving their absolute best effort, regardless of the results. 

If you’ve got that easily, follow up with these strategies:

1. Build communities, friend circles, and companies that encourage and support the vulnerable best efforts of others, regardless of the results. 

2. Perform your best vulnerable effort and don’t be shy about it. Let the world see you care the most, try, fail, and try again. It gives others permission to do the same. 

I’m not a betting man but, if I was, I’d bet on humanity eight days a week if we’re vulnerable trying our best. I see a sure fire failure, however, if we hedge, protect, and guard our shine. 

That’s my two cents and I think the entire planet is at stake if you don’t try it.

1/5/21 WOD


[Meet at Anderson Park]


[Meet at Pan Pacific Park]


Weighted Chin Up

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality (nasal Breathing only):
12 Tempo Banded Bent Over Rows (41X1)
12 Push Ups + :30 Plank Hold

Then, complete the following for time:
Pull Ups

-Rest 2:00-

Strict Pull Ups
Devils Press (50/35)