Trading in Moon Boots for Atlas Stones

In the early days of DEUCE, we used to spend a ton of time at the Main Street Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica. It was a spectacle of food (obviously), but also people gathering for live music, games, and a communal feel. Naturally, as a result, these places are also where you find marketers marketing. 

There was always a steady flow of pamphlets for new businesses and petitions for new initiatives. Someone seemed to always be wanting you to try their new health beverage company. You get the idea. 

I’ll never forget the street team from a local gym gathering interest for their new class. The street team was four women in bikinis walking and bouncing around on moon-shoe-like contraptions that fit like a rollerblade on your foot, but essentially was a giant spring. This new training method (according to the women) was designed to take the impact off running and get people fitter than ever in less time with less pain. 

The idea was very new and very ineffective. In any case, they tried. The “method” and the gym no longer exist. 

We already know that new ideas die out the fastest. Yet, the fitness industry and those who consume the products and services in it seem to be looking for what’s new when the oldest practices still in place have and continue to yield positive outcomes. So, make sure to trade out your moon boots for atlas stones, so you can make something happen for yourself. 

When you come to DEUCE, you’ll be learning the oldest principles in training. Thank goodness.

9/16/20 WOD


[Meet at Anderson Park]


[Meet at Pan Pacific Park]


Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:
Max Strict Chin Ups
6 Slide-to-Hollow
12 DB Arnold Presses

With a partner, AMRAP 10
Partner A: 
6 Burpees-to-Plate
9 KB Goblet Squats (53/25)
12 KB Swings
Partner B: -Rest-