The 31-Minute Vacation

This gym is notorious for attracting high performing individuals. We’re all busy immersed in work, relationships, and getting the nuisances of life done. I figured I’d share my (not so novel) idea with you all since you can empathize with having a long work day every now and again.

It’s called the ’31-Minute Vacation.’ There’s no patent pending or anything, but the nature of my life doesn’t yield for much down time so it’s become a real useful tool. In order to avoid mania and keep performance up, I’ve found that I can capture all the vacation I could need to charge the batteries in just 31 minutes.

Change scenery. Shift focus. Enjoy.

For me it’s usually a trip to the coffee shop. For you it might be a nice book, going for a walk, or a glass of wine.

I can’t foresee taking a formal vacation in the near future, but I know I’ve got this little strategy in my back pocket and it works wonders for me. Changing your entire reality isn’t hard in Los Angeles, even for just 31 minutes.

I had a strength coach once that had a bizarre nap set up under his desk which, now that I think about it, qualifies perfectly for a 31-minute vacation. Do you have any unique ways to take a mid-day departure?


Logan Gelbrich


5/16/14 WOD

Make three attempts for load:
5 Rack Push Press + 10 Rack Jerks


Complete the following for time:
Run 800m
10 Wall Balls (20/14)
Run 600m Run
20 Wall Balls
Run 400m
30 Wall Balls
Run 200m
40 Wall Balls