Actions Speak Louder than Words

I can tell you the times I’ve been successful at something based on thinking and planning it out in detail in my head and on paper… That percentage is 0%. On the other hand, the percentage in which I have been successful at something while attempting to do it is no where near 100%, but

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Two Years, One Song with Arcade Fire’s Win Butler

Win Butler of the chart topping band, Arcade Fire, once took a keyboard on tour to write music. While it wasn’t for a lack of trying, Butler was only able to write a single song. How long did he try?  Two years.  Twenty-four months of writing and playing melodies on the keyboard yielded just one

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This is a Test

The next time you feel slighted – I’ve got a simple reframe for you.. Replace “This is unfair” with “This is a test.” Much like you can leverage a running clock to incentivize increased urgency and engagement for a conditioning piece, you can also leverage a paradigm shift to explore what you can conquer, not complain about, the next

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#1 Advice: Get Sticky

When starting a new practice, there are a million books and maxims advising how to master habit formation, but none might be more important than this. You see, joining a gym and the subsequent results you’re after can, unfortunately, be a crap shoot. For some, their lives are never the same. For others, things just

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Tools with History (and a Future)

The forty-five pound iron plate photographed above was a gift from the UCLA Athletics Department. It’s decades old and was loaded on to the bar of some legendary UCLA football players like Troy Aikman and Ken Norton Jr. You see basic, essential training equipment are tools and tools have some unique, powerful characteristics.  Tools, unlike

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