The Baritone of Human Essences

I was on a conference call yesterday and a gentleman brought attention to the term gravitas. He didn’t cite Webster’s for a definition, but rather he described it like we do when translating a word into another language. He tried to liken it to a feeling for the sake of nuance and I loved it. 

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Coach’s Advice? Curate “Normal”

Welp, here it is. This is my most effective, wide-ranging, universally important bit of coaching. My simple advice is to curate what is considered “normal” in your life. When you normalize health and fitness, achieving and maintaining a remarkable level of fitness isn’t just possible, it’s a robust model that can withstand both small and

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What if the point was to enjoy it?

You’ve likely heard the term creature of habit before. But, what about creature of accomplishment?  While both terms might suggest a positive connotation, today I’d like for you to consider – specific to creature of accomplishment – how assigning achievement as the primary motivator for establishing “worthiness” of something, (anything), might be (and is) problematic? 

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Paradigm Shift

Did you know that up until 1954, there was actually something that everyone in the world agreed on? I know that seems crazy but it’s true, everyone in the world including acclaimed scientists and physicians believed that it was humanly impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Everyone except a man by the

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Lift Run Hang Event Releases “Hang Only” Ticket

This Saturday we’re completely taking over historic Muscle Beach for a tongue-in-cheek fitness event for all-levels. With just five days before the action is set to kick off, we’re releasing “Hang Only” tickets to those that are committed to not lifting or running but want in on the social action and free beverages! It’s with

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