Weightlifting is a pillar of strength training that deserves a tremendous amount of attention for its high-skill, technical aspects. Aside from being the only barbell competition included in the Olympics, it is continually done in one form or another in gyms across the world. Simply, weightlifting is here to stay. In my years coaching the

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The Call That Never Comes

Everything I am about to say is incredibly obvious. Despite being remarkably obvious, the impact of what I’m about to say is rooted in that fact that this information is rarely considered. As a result, many of you reading this sentence are misinterpreting an important part of reality. So, here goes it. You don’t receive

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‘My Company Story’ Features DEUCE Gym

It was a pleasure to be welcomed into the rarified air of the My Company Story family of featured companies. The host, Don Burdge, is the chairman at the peer advisory board, Vistage. I was able to sit with him for a potent, even surgical, conversation about what makes DEUCE Gym tick.  The conversation is

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Improving Fitness to Focus, Part II

The ability to assign intense and sustained focus to a specific task at a specific time – and for long enough to execute a task at hand – undoubtedly holds immense value. You know this. I know this. And yet, most of us still struggle with it… daily. Look, I can acknowledge the positive intent

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Ideas (Still) Worth No Points

It’s the executioners that we need. With record levels of projection and the pseudo-transparency of life found in social media, it seems like excellence has never been closer. Meanwhile countless folks who specifically won’t do a thing will utter “I could do that” to themselves.  In recent interview, the founder of Vita Coco, Michael Kirban,

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