The “Third Place”

In the late 80s, sociologist Ray Oldenburg coined a term called “the third place”. The first two places, of course, are your home and your work. Having a “third place”, he proposed, is critical to connect with others, have sun, and share meaningful thoughts. Since the rise of community based gyms in the early 2000’s,

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The World’s First Perpetual Motion Machine

It’s a little known fact that Polish physicist, Marian Smoluchowskie, put to bed (so he thought) the insatiable imagination of would be inventors and hopeful wonderers about the possibility of building a perpetual motion machine. This, of course, is a machine that can work indefinitely without an energy source. While some visually pleasing machines appear to accomplish

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New Specialty Course: Bodybuilding

Without the glowing neon light above the door, you’d never know it was there. In fact, you can only enter through the alley at 308 N. Ogden Drive. That’s right. DEUCE Backlot has a speakeasy serving muscle pumps and good vibes and it’s called Bodybuilding Club.  Inside you’ll find a revolution of sorts: inclusive, effective

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Team Energy: Priceless

Picture this: it’s the end of a long day, you just got home, and all you want to do is take a hot shower, make dinner and wind down for bed. Ah, but here’s the thing – you’ve got some mandatory chores to get done before any of that can happen. Okay, now picture that

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Rain Delays and Mentally Checking Out

Baseball is a bit of a particular sport. We don’t play in the rain. Hence a “rain delay”. I guess if the conditions get too wet the game would devolve away from the much needed finer details. In any case, you learn quickly as a player that no matter how hard it rains, you must

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