Hold the Standard Podcast Addresses Adversity

Motivated people only. ‘Season 1’ of the Hold the Standard™ Podcast addresses one of life’s most important questions: “How shall we spend our time here?” Logan Gelbrich offers a hypothesis that the pursuit of our peak expression affords those willing to take the plunge a set of progressive, invaluable attributes outlined in his book, ‘Going

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Pride Beach Day Saturday

We’re excited to invite you to the beach this weekend for a DEUCE Community Pride Beach Day! Things kick off Saturday June 19th from 1:00-3:00pm and you can look for our ground and the DEUCE flags at the end of Washington Blvd.  You and anyone you know are welcome to join to share in some

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Coming Out of Lockdown: One Year Later

On June 15, 2020, the lockdown was lifted and all three DEUCE locations were able to return to the gym to do what we do best. While DEUCE Backlot (West Hollywood, CA) and DEUCE Athletics (Hermosa Beach, CA) would have to return to lockdown shortly after and continue operations in local parks, one year later

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An Argument for Bumper Bowling

Remember bumpers with bowling? I mean those things they put up to prevent bowling balls from going down the gutters. Because really, how sad is it when you’re a kid (or maybe not even a kid) trying to have a good time, bowling your heart out, and throwing gutter balls turn after turn? It’s kinda

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Is the Hold the Standard Summit for me?

While it might seem surprising, the answer is most likely, “Yes.” Since you’re reading this on a gym blog, you might assume that the Hold the Standard Summit is where gym owners and trainers go to talk about gym things.  It’s not.  The Summit is a two-day immersive course in adaptive leadership and organizational culture happening July

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