Passport of Movement: The Overhead Squat:

I once went to a physical therapy office for an assessment. I performed a series of tasks that all served as data for the doctor of physical therapy to gain a greater understanding of my body, potential imbalances, and areas to address with therapy.  Part of the assessment was performing an overhead squat, which I

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Losing 100lbs with DELTA BRAVO

Look, everyone’s world got turned upside down in this pandemic. No one would blame you for slacking on your fitness and losing your routine. After all, for a period of time access to a fitness facility was illegal worldwide.  At best we could only hope to maintain our semblance of health and wellness during COVID,

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Accepting Messiness, A Practice

“Anything that starts intellectually usually sucks.”  I heard this a few week’s back while on a walk, listening to Bruce Springsteen talk about his creative process on a podcast. You know those moments when you feel like you’re hearing exactly what you need to hear, at exactly the right time? Well, this was that. So naturally, I went home

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Specialty Course Expo Saturday

There’s a figure of speech that begs the question, “a mile wide and an inch deep or an inch wide and a mile deep?” When it comes to the specialty courses under the DEUCE flag, these experiences are truly an inch wide and country mile deep. From the minutiae of sprint mechanics and speed development

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Oftentimes, we want to plan for our future and create the best scenario possible to live a perfect life. While planning ahead is never a bad thing, we tend to get caught up in a world that seems ideal. Reality is no where near our ideal place. When we realize our true reality, feelings come

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