DEUCE Racing Podcast: “I don’t know how to like anything, I only know how to love things.”

Let’s start here: we don’t call her “Mayor of the Morning” for nothing… In this week’s episode, we’re featuring a DEUCE legend, Chessa Latiffi Donaldson! She’s been a student at DEUCE for five years, is a mother of two, and has an extensive background in non-profit work. She’s also the epitome of a champion to

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Making It (Having Faked It)

I listened to Daniel Humm, who is credited to taking the restaurant Eleven Madison Park to the global acclaim it now enjoys. His venue is a 3-Star Michelin restaurant that is often regarded as the finest in the world. He described the early days when they were being rated 3 (out of 4) stars by

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Thomas Edison, the Dunce

The impact and brilliance of Thomas Edison speaks for itself. The trouble is that very little about the perception of Edison comes with struggles in school or disempowering advice from authority figures. Us “regular folks” tend to identify with intellectual struggles and authority figures that don’t believe in us, but not Edison! Ah, the contrary.. Edison had

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[FLASH SALE] 25% OFF Limited Cozy DEUCE Threads

In California, the two coldest places in the spring and summer are 1) any place in the shade and 2) any place once the sun goes down. That’s where high quality, standard holding DEUCE gear comes in. We’re clearing way for summer apparel and that means through the weekend you can try to nab up

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NOW STREAMING: ‘Hold the Standard’ Audio Docuseries

In a world of digital fodder, the Hold the Standard™ Podcast is “all signal, no noise.” I’m ecstatic to share this with you all. After all, it’s been more than two years in the making. That’s because this isn’t one of those meandering long form conversations that costs you three hours of your life and earns

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