Breathing in the Gaps: How to Recover Better and Life a Less Stressful Life Now

If you’ve been curious about how you can incorporate mindful breath into your life, I’ve got the one thing you can do to change your health and performance immediately. That

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2 Reasons Why Group Fitness is Inferior (and 1 Reason Why They Don’t Matter)

Let’s get down to brass tacks. There are two main ways to engage in physical fitness. There’s individualized training and there is group training (which includes digital expressions of a

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The New One On The Team

I once heard a talk an Apple engineer had at a prestigious university campus. While positioned at one of the highest ranks of his company, he gave some suggestions to

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Surprise Guest: Hold the Standard Summit Adds Carl Paoli

This coming March 19-20 leaders, entrepreneurs, and curious students are descending upon Barcelona, Spain for the 2022 Hold the Standard Summit. The two-day course delves into action oriented ways to

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The Perils of Fitness Professionals’ Blind to Their Dogma

It isn’t a matter of if you have a dogma or not. For fitness professionals around the world, it’s a matter of whether or not they can see their dogma.

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