Everyday Dehumanization

When you hear that term dehumanization it can feel grandiose and far away. It feels not just evil, but unrelatable. At least, those are some of the adjectives that come up as it relates to me.  There’s a self sealing trap in this dynamic, however. Dehumanization is specifically what ignites our greatest evil (including racism)

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Standards of Speed & Agility

The charter we hold here at DEUCE is to be a house of learning. In many ways, we view DEUCE as an ecosystem of coaches and facilities where one can learn and move toward performance in a number of different disciplines. We’re like a university for performance with a broad spectrum of course offerings.  Project

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The Juice is in the Building

Most of us had it pretty good before the COVID-19 crisis. Hell, we still have it good. Nonetheless, the feeling of rebuilding is nearly universal right now, especially as things come out of quarantine.  Rebuilding can feel burdensome, unfortunate, and frustrating. It’s the building process that holds all of the juice, however. When you consider the learning,

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Understanding the Properties of Love & Respect

If I squint my eyes, I can understand the mix up. Many of the things in our lives have clear properties of matter. From science, we know extensive properties vary with regards to weight, mass, and volume. When we get into how our brain thinks of things, we often call on (consciously or subconsciously) the

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WANTED: the 2nd Perceptual Position

We use a tool internally with the staff here at DEUCE called The Five Perceptual Positions. It’s particularly helpful when navigating difficult communication, conflict, or some kind of negotiation. Here are the perceptual positions as taught to me by one of my coaches, Nicole Schneider: 1st Perceptual Position – Self 2nd Perceptual Position – Other

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