A Case for Calamity

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I was the kid who didn’t watch scary movies because I was scared… to be scared. I also rarely watched sad movies because I didn’t want to cry… well, in front of other people. When given the choice of what to watch – the preference was always comedy.

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Front Rack: More than Mobility

“Elbows up!” You’ve heard it. It’s a horse beat dead to a pulp. There’s good reason, though, because the front rack is a critical position to bear a training load with carry over to a number of lifts, including the clean and jerk.  Here’s the thing, though. A world-class front rack isn’t just about getting

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OPINION: Make a Career on Unforced Errors

I find that there are two types of successful ping pong players. Player #1 tries to score points with power and fancy spin on the ball. These highly skilled players hope to trick and/or overpower their opponent to score. Player #2 is the player that simply returns the ball to the other side of the

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“I love this game.”

Neuroception, a term coined by scientist and professor Stephen Porges, refers to your autonomic nervous system’s threat detector – the one that determines situations & people as safe, dangerous, or life-threatening. What’s fascinating and confusing about neuroception comes in twofold; each individual has a completely unique threat detector, and also, because of each individual’s unique

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Mark Ronson Reads the Dance Floor

Legendary music producer, Mark Ronson, got his start in producing from a background as a club DJ. Ronson, the producer originally most famous for his work on Amy Winehouse’s most prolific album, was asked how specifically he would DJ a great club event and his answer impacted me.  Keep in mind that when Mark was

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