Motor Control: “Is it true if you don’t use it, you lose it?”

There is a common story that goes like this. An elderly woman (or man) living in a two story home is moved by her loved ones to a single story home to make it easier on her aging body. The stairs, of course, present a challenge. Without the regular exposure to the burdensome stairs, the

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The Criminal Justice System & DEUCE Community Inc

While we haven’t made a specific press release about the creation of the DEUCE non-profit extension DEUCE Community Inc, it should be noted that we have been busy and will continue to be busy creating such value in the world. We’re in the final stages of formalizing our 501c3 status for the work we are

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Chill Check

How do you talk to yourself when you’re stressed? As cheesy as it might sound – I’ll offer you a piece of advice my dad shared with me at a young age, and has stuck with me since: sometimes, you gotta learn to be your own best friend. Of course, easier said than done, especially when

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Embrace the View

I often romanticize the work. Naturally, the shadow of this habit of glamourising of the struggle is a failure to enjoy the ride. Folks like me, who make this mistake often don’t know how to stop and smell the roses. The struggle ultimately overpowers even the fruits of those labors.  If you’re reading this, there’s

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The Single Most Significant, Important Training Tool

Just so it’s not a debate, let’s be clear about something. The barbell is the most significant and important strength training tool in the history of training. That’s a fact.  The question, however, is why?  The answer is found in all the reasons why the kettlebell, the modern dumbbell, the sandbag, and every other strength

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