Gamefit or fit for testing?

It was during my first preseason as a college athlete that I learned the difference between “fit for testing” and “gamefit”. As you can probably already imagine, distinguishing the two from one another is straightforward. Through the lens of women’s soccer at George Mason University, fit for testing meant passing the required times/scores for preseason

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Hermosa Beach

Since our move to Hermosa in 2017, (previously in Torrance going back to 2014), we have spent a lot of time getting to know “The Best Little Beach City”. Not being sure how this new community would respond to our approach to fitness, we immediately fell in love with its tight knit, family vibe. When

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No More Shame, Respect the Hang

The “hang”, of course, is in reference to a variation start position for the snatch and clean and jerk. For many novice and intermediate lifters, the hang position can feel remedial. Counter to what it might feel like, I’m here to tell you that the hang snatch isn’t “Snatch Lite” and the hang clean isn’t

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Choosing the Goose or the Bottle

While the faces change, humans don’t have that many different kinds of problems. Those stay the same.  Some problems are so old that we’ve got ancient parables for them that are just as important and informative today as they were thousands of years ago.  Here’s the Zen parable you might need to hear right now: “A woman

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Never Miss a Pitch

There’s almost nothing specific I can remember about most of my baseball career. Sure, there are some unforgettable big moments. However, I don’t remember scores or stats. I couldn’t tell you about big plays or any particular at bats… ..except one.  I can recall every detail of a single pitch in 2007 and the reason for the

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