WANTED: the 2nd Perceptual Position

We use a tool internally with the staff here at DEUCE called The Five Perceptual Positions. It’s particularly helpful when navigating difficult communication, conflict, or some kind of negotiation. Here are the perceptual positions as taught to me by one of my coaches, Nicole Schneider: 1st Perceptual Position – Self 2nd Perceptual Position – Other

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Delete the Backspace

A simple experiment for you to try today: Write something – anything, be it an email, poem, article, or even a text message – without allowing yourself the ability to use the backspace button. If you find this experiment easier to attempt writing by hand or using a typewriter, have at it. But follow these

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Quarantine Coffee with Coaches

You’re cordially invited for some quarantine connection this Tuesday at 9:30am! This time the DEUCE event is a chance to have coffee with your favorite coaches and community members.  Make your best coffee and chat with us casually to check in, talk training (or not), and see some familiar faces. You can tune in to

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Longevity Questions: Able vs. Available

I once took part in a clinic with a world-record holding powerlifter named, Brian Carroll. In addition to being one of the greatest powerlifters of all-time, he’s also come back from catastrophic injury. Most extreme athletes don’t earn the perspective shift injury can provide and have a chance to come back and perform at such

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Less Ink, More Go

“Ink” can mean different things. You know, there’s the classic: Expo Marker ink. Then, there’s digital “ink” and ink in your training journal. I’m talking about the amount of ink used to write your training. I’m here to tell you that we don’t need more of it, especially if you’re wanting to get fitter.  In

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