8/22/18 - [VIDEO] Inside Coach’s Prep: Episode 1

DEUCE Gym does two things. It gets people fit by coaching them to improved performance and it develops coaches. Coach’s Prep is DEUCE’s coaches development solution. It has three parts.. a mentorship, three levels of testing, and a weekly practical class. This video is a look inside that practical class.

This Saturday practical class is a time for the coaching staff and all prospective students to do drills and discuss concepts together. More than 150 other coaches from around the world follow an online coaching developmental course under the DEUCE banner called Coach’s Prep 101.

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Logan Gelbrich


8/22/18 WOD

Complete the following for time of:
40 Push Presses (155/105)

Then, EMOM 5
:10 Assault Bike Sprint

-Rest 2 min-

:07 Assault Bike Sprint

-Rest 2 min-


:05 Assault Bike Sprint

FREE eBook Outlines DEUCE’s Framework

FREE eBook Outlines DEUCE’s Framework




Have you ever wondered how we develop our coaches? Want to know how we evaluate our efforts as leaders? (It's not by accident.)This how-to guide, Developing World-Class Coaches, reveals the groundbreaking model for excellent coaching developed at DEUCE Gym. Inside you will find clearly outlined, universally applicable mecha ...
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DEUCE Online: What is Coach’s Prep 101?




Here at 110 Lincoln, we’re fortunate to have flesh and blood interactions with our people. Not only do we get to coach a diverse group of local men and women towards better fitness, we get to develop viable coaches here, as well. For years, Coach’s Prep has been our way to improve our craft as professionals and develop ...
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