Logan Gelbrich

Born in Santa Monica, Logan feels right at home coaching at DEUCE Gym. With a background in collegiate (University of San Diego) and professional (San Diego Padres) baseball, Logan is used to high performance, heavy workloads, and accountability. Luckily, Logan was blessed enough to work with world renowned strength and conditioning coaches, sports psychologists, and nutritionists during his career. It’s during this time that the seeds were sown for the belief system that led him to both the CrossFit Games and Strongman Nationals. These experiences guide his coaching today. Forever a “student of the game,” Logan is always looking to strengthen and question his understanding of humans. Today his work includes his best selling book, Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams, and diverse offerings of education in leadership and group dynamics via the 'Hold the Standard' Summit, online education, and consultancy.

Less Ink, More Go

“Ink” can mean different things. You know, there’s the classic: Expo Marker ink. Then, there’s digital “ink” and ink in your training journal. I’m talking about the amount of ink used to write your training. I’m here to tell you that we don’t need more of it, especially if you’re wanting to get fitter.  In

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The Cure for Writer’s Block

A common worry with creative work is that the creativity will dry up. Writers have “writer’s block” and every creative genre has their version therein. Maybe you’re reading this and issues around creativity don’t strike a chord with you. In that case, what I’m about to say has everything to do with following through with

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Most Won’t Try

The “competition” is fierce, isn’t it? Pick a lane and it seems crowded and improbable to find yourself at the top. Whether it’s dipping your toe into the world of triathlon or pulling the trigger on forming that LLC to make your start-up dreams come true the odds are seemingly stacked against you. Frankly, I

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Memorial Day Quarantine “Murph”

It’s with great intention that we participate in a Memorial Day experience called “Murph” each year. It’s on this day that we specifically recognize the ultimate sacrifice of those who serve in the United States armed services and don’t make it home.  The workout posthumously gained the name “Murph” after the workout’s creator, Lt. Michael

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Maintaining Agency in Service

Beware! There’s great danger hidden in plain sight. You see, service to others can cloak dangerous resentment, blame, and misguided efforts. How does it work, you ask?  It’s simple. In the name of doing a thing for someone else, we endure some effort, bear some burden, or see some kind of commitment through. The trouble is this

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