11/20/15 - A Simple Strategy to Gym Success

Let’s be frank. Most fitness success and failure hinges on compliance. If you show up and contribute an effort consistently and indefinitely, you’d be hard pressed to find anything but remarkable results to show for it. It’s that simple.

As a coach, we see beautiful life changing stories play out in front of us on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we also see when folks don’t stick it out. We see the failures, too.

It may sound silly, but before you roll your eyes hear me out. The simplest strategy I can offer you is also the most effective:

Leave no other option.

When I coach the morning classes (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), there is no option that I not show up. I’ll be there to open the gym and teach class. Period. This blog is going up… hell or high water. There is no other option.

Stop rolling your eyes.

This isn’t “different.” It’s only different because I’ve made the decision there are no other options. You may say the responsibility to others is the reason this is possible. To that I’d say, who cares what the¬†reason you get in the door is. Write your buddy a $1000 check to be cashed when you miss class for all I care.

Get in the door. Leave no other option. Then, it’s a done deal.

Logan Gelbrich


11/20/15 WOD


10 Squats

200′ Shuttle Run

4 DB Snatches (60/40)

-Rest 2 min-