6/22/16 - 3 Options Before You Get Back in Your Car

You know those eight minutes that you have to spare after class wraps up before you walk to your car and get on with your life? Those are precious moments.

These moments are monumental opportunities for individual needs. For some, you just need these moments to connect and share stories with a positive group of individuals. For others, it’s key time to improve range of motion issues (SEE: People that can’t squat with their feet together and people that can’t raise a straight arm overhead with a neutral spine).

If you need to be stronger, here are three ways you can spend no more than eight minutes to change your game:

  1. Trunk Armor. Grab a plate (probably a 25 or a 45) and perform fifteen hip extensions in the GHD. Get out of the machine and hold a plank for sixty seconds with that plate on your back. Do three rounds.
  2. Secret Deadlift Sauce. Grab the smallest band you can do ten glute ham raises with. Perform ten perfect reps with your hips forward the entirety of the movement. When you’re done with three rounds of ten reps, sit on a bench with a light band connecting your heels to the rig in front of you and immediately perform 150 hamstring curls in a row.
  3. Press Medicine. Grab a dumbbell and take a knee. With the dumbbell on the same side as the planted knee, perform eight one-arm shoulder presses, and then switch sides. Find the heaviest dumbbell you can do this with. After each set perform a max set of narrow grip push ups.

Extra motivated? Try a different one of these prescriptions after each class.

Good luck!


Logan Gelbrich


6/22/16 WOD


Bench Press



Then, complete 5 rounds for time of:

10 Box Jumps (24/20)

200m Run