FREE Community Workout Saturday

**Happy Halloween! We Invite You to Class in Costume Today**   Believe it or not, this Saturday marks the first Saturday of November! That means you and the entire Los Angeles community is invited for a FREE Community Workout. Things kicks off this Saturday at 9:00am for a special 90-minute session.  This longer session means

The Observational Learner

I’ll never forget the first time I truly understood the push press. It clicked watching someone else. I learned intensity in CrossFit by observing, too. The first time I did “Fran” I’d been dreading it after watching Mikko Salo do chest-to-bar “Fran” in 2:18 unbroken at a sprint and stay on his feet after. I

Fall Apparel Launch Saturday

We’ve got an entire surprise capsule of new apparel pieces to unveil and you’re invited. It’s all going down this Saturday after dark.  Join us for a casual get together in the gym for the unveiling of the Fall Line and mingling with fellow DEUCE family. Not to mention, our very own Mario Vollera, owner

Gym Owners on Motivation & Client Finances

The numbers show a strong correlation between client training compliance and their finances. An obtuse amount of students quit gyms all around the country when their credit cards decline. This is a fact that I’ve witnessed for years across gyms on three different continents.  This is the scary truth that gym owners know, but don’t

Leaky Performance & Error Margin

Can we agree that as performance nears its peak that the margin for error becomes smaller? I’m open to finding an exception, but I’ve yet to find one. After all, there’s much more margin for error in a fun game of bowing with beers and friends than if you’re on the pro tour. On your