Combat Cognitive Aid: Sleep & Nutrition

Earlier this week I found myself in another one of those situations where I’m left wondering, “How the hell did I get here?” I got to meet the commander of our highest level Special Forces group. No more details are necessary here. This guy is top level brass for the nation’s most prized war fighters. 

DEUCE Art to Benefit STOKED Org

We’ve recently collaborated with our own Ugo Nonis, a French painter, on a mural for our Breath and Exposure space. A print of Ugo’s work is now live in our store to raise money for another DEUCE community member, Sal Masekela’s foundation STOKED Mentoring. Here’s a word from Ugo about the piece: This print is a portion

[VIDEO] Flow: the Peak Human Experience

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The topic of last week’s meeting for the World’s Best Book Club (that requires no reading) was flow. Flow is the term given to “being in the zone” by Hungarian researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The Going Right Mastermind Roundtable explored the environments that are most fruitful for our greatest, most difficult work. This particularly occurs when

Speed or Accuracy?

Here’s a classic metaphor in our industry. Imagine a shooter tasked with firing ten bullets as quickly and effectively at a paper target down range.  In the first example, a shooter’s paper target comes back with nearly perfect accuracy and precision. The “bullseye” is hit almost as if some bullets shared the same entry hole

A 200 Year Plan

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to the Bay Area to speak to a room full of people about my book, Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams. Naturally, I stopped by Napa to see what the fuss was about in the infamous wine region.  I was specifically curious about