Responding Poorly Doubles Your Losses

When an injustice happens upon you, it may feel like the score is against you 1-0. Let me remind you that if you’re reading this, injustices are coming your way. Now, if you let the injustice disturb you, make you angry, and extend its impact beyond the moment and the moment after that and the

Cultural Epigenetics

The prefix “epi-” means to be near or beside. Epigenetics, for example, is the study of how our environment can “turn on” genetic predispositions. Surely, some men and women are genetically predisposed to being overweight or having heart issues, but these underlying tendencies need an environmental trigger like a poor diet to rear its ugliest

Labor Day Community Workout

Join us Monday September 2nd for a special Labor Day community-wide workout at 10am. All regular classes will be closed in observance of the holiday, so we hope you’ll join us at 10! These holiday workouts are a special energy around the gym. We’ll be doing a special, longer “Hero workout” and, as usual, we’ll

Forgetting to Be Afraid 101

It wasn’t until I was on board my second flight in as many days to visit strangers in a new city to somehow communicate the details of my book that I realized I was afraid. My awareness, like most, is spotty. I realized that all of my life as of late has been quite terrifying

Secret Power: Seeing Before Doing

There is a clinical trial that our team sport psychologist shared with us at the University of San Diego has stayed with me to this day. Then famous case was comprised of a set of basketball players. At random they are split into three groups. Group 1 was tasked with physical practice only for free