Iteration is King

I had a beautiful dinner with two friends of mine last week. One is a high-powered financial executive and the other a photographer with international acclaim. The conversation turned toward a common shadow in human behavior: perfectionism. For the financial executive, perfectionism was her secret weapon for success. It also was a troubling limiting factor

[VIDEO] Masekela Got What He Came For

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In just a couple of minutes, you can feel the weight of Sal’s transformation at the Hold the Standard™ Summit. The summit hosts men and women with technical and adaptive insight into leadership and organizational dynamics. The former face of the X Games has gone on to leading his own production company, playing host on E!

DEUCE Presents: Breath & Exposure

We’re thrilled to announce that DEUCE Human Performance has a new name! Now called DEUCE Breath & Exposure, the program will feature an exponentially more robust training offering and brand new facilities to support a program unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We’ve remodeled the area behind our building into a succulent oasis feature a eight

Life in Full Color

Several weeks back I came across a story about Jonny Kim on a favorite social media account of mine. He, of course, is the NAVY SEAL with more than a hundred combat missions who later went on to Harvard Medical School. With both Bronze and Silver Stars to his name from combat in the War on

LATEST: Credentials Still Don’t Replace Results

Authorities from more than two dozen agencies and anyone who cares from nearly as many industries confirmed yesterday that credentials, including but not limited to college degrees, certification courses, and massive social media followings, will continue to not be accepted in lieu of actually doing your job well. Highly credentialed low performers are disappointed at