Growth Liabilities Pt. 3: Self-Serving Bias

In this series of natural human tendencies that warp our view of reality, we’re looking to bring awareness in order to claim some power of choice. If our world is being colored in ways we cannot see, we will be at the mercy of such bias and won’t be empowered to overcome these biases for

Effort is Sexy, Here’s Why

I’m often reminded of my attraction to effort when I hear a song in which the lead singer really belts out the lyrics. Embarrassingly, it’s true beyond genre. I like Firework by Katy Perry for this reason. Sue me. I even turn up the stereo in my car when another embarrassing pop song, Youngblood by

Whole Life Challenge Finals

The Whole Life Challenge wraps up this Saturday at 9AM. Come join us for a repeat of the baseline workout, whether you’re in the challenge or not. It’s a fun community day vibe, so the more the merrier. We will be crowning our winners (the most improved folks) with prizes at the end. Come see

Go Right

I am humbled to share with you all that I’ve completed a project that tested every cell in my body. For more than three years, I have tried to communicate the most important message that I have for the world and it’s finally done. Last week, my book, “Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing

FREE Stickers!

It can often feel like we’re shouting out into the world and don’t get to hear back from the people that may be listening. We want to hear from you, so if you’re willing we’d like to send you some free DEUCE stickers. All you need to do is write us a letter to 110